Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction Review


Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction that provides adjustable traction therapy. It adjusts inflating by air slowly. It helps provide a gentle stretch that alleviates neck, head and shoulder stiffness.  It is completely portable and can be used anywhere. It is made with comfortable and very enduring materials. It can be adjusted to all sorts of anatomic builds and neck sizes. It is a customer favorite thanks to its comfortable feel and easy usage.
Pneu Neck II Portable Product Features
  • It is very easy to use, the Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction Therapy device slightly stretches as it inflates. The sensation it provides is of relief for tighten muscles, nerve and joint pressure that tends to build up.
  • This device is envisioned to be used for pinched nerves, tight muscles, tension headaches, neck pain, swollen discs, osteoarthritis, degenerative discs or joints and straightening of the neck.
  • This device comes with three air chambers that can gently inflate to 7 inches with air with an attached inflation bulb. It is very compact and it is ideal for people who are on the go and travel constantly.
  • One size fits all, easy to adjust to different neck sizes.


What buyers like about the Pneu Neck II Portable?
  • Overall, the widespread acclaim from customer who have purchased the Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction is how easy it is to use it and adjust. Although it might be very uncomfortable looking it is actually very surprisingly comfortable in deed.
  • When not in use it is very compact and can be easily stored and taken with you anywhere you go. 
  • Made with resistant and soft velour cover it is made to endure.
What buyers don’t like about this Pneu Neck II Portable?
  • This device is quite useful and popular among most users.However what most of customer who purchased this item have recommended those who are buying it is for them to take into consideration that this device functions with air and the tubing and the bulb are critical. All users of this device need to be careful and store it away to avoid any punctures or ruptures. Also, it must be pointed out that before using this product that you consult with your physician and have them supervise on how to use the device.
The Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction is a great device, it really does help relief pain and discomfort on the neck and shoulder areas. Being that it adjusts with air it is very easy to get it to fit properly, also it is very easy to use.