Portable Electric Stimulation Machine: What to look for?

Electric stimulation machine

People interested on getting a portable electric stimulation machine have certain things that they need to know before the go ahead and browse. Discount medical Supplies’ stock of units and devices available to them have many different options, but there are some small factors that a lot of people don’t pay to much attention to. Here we will show you some features to help you make the best decision available whenever you decide to make your purchase.

The first thing that you need to know is the difference between Electric Muscle Stimulation units (EMS) and TENS units. TENS units are very similar machines that use small electric impulses to relief pain, at time chronic and acute; it works directly over the nerves and those impulses are being sent directly to the brain. The EMS unit also sends electric impulses but they are focused on the muscle. These impulses are thought to make the muscles contract. This innovative method helps achieve two things: help tone the muscles and it also has been proven to help muscles rehabilitate after injury, preventing and helping with muscle atrophy.

A portable electric stimulation machine that is worth even considering has to be reliable, more than anything. It has to be able to provide a consistent performance at all times. That is why that when you are browsing your options always look for the power the unit has. This applies both to EMS units and TENS units. Now, the power on these units can be fully adjustable, and what you need to be looking for is a unit that has above average power. They tend to last longer and get you the most of EMS or TENS therapy.  In EMS, a unit that is a great example of having performance is the Twin Stim 2nd Edition. In the TENS side of things the one that currently has earned the most acclaim by patients and specialists alike, is the TENS 7000 for being a very powerful unit.

There are available units capable of providing both modes, called Combo Units, some of them might not provide the same reliable functions as the as single units. Many of them sacrifice power in order to have more modes and features, but units like InTENSity Twin Stim III, are fully reliable and have a feature that most units don’t have, which is an AC adaptor, making it more versatile.

Another thing to look for when purchasing one of these units is how many features it has, and how user friendly they are. We do see a lot of customers who become frustrated with the units they purchase it quite simply because of how difficult they find them to be. This tends to happen with users that are a bit more technologically challenged, and others that quite simply don’t like to read the instruction manual. A great practice to do before you buy an unit is ask a professional and check if possible how the device operates.

Finally, most units come with Electrode Pads, most of them work just fine, but take into consideration that some of them might need changing and making the investment to buy additional pads.

Always keep in mind that if you are going to make the investment on one of these units, to be sure that you are making the right choice.

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