Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside Commode review

The Portable Upholstered Wheeled Drop Arm Bedside Commode belongs to a group of mobility/daily living medical supplies for home. This product is comfortable and safe, as well as easy to use and clean.


·         Back can be removed without tools.

·         Available with Chrome or Silver Vein finish.

·         Steel tubing frame with welded construction.

·         Drop arm allows safe lateral patient transfers to commode from wheelchair and back.

·         Injection molded large plastic toilet seat.

·         12 quart bucket and cover come standard.

·         Rust-resistant swivel casters (2 with locks).


The combination of a narrow width and large wheels makes this bedside commode work very well as far as medical supplies for go. This product is ideal for people with severely limited mobility. It is easy to assemble and does not occupy too much space. The large rust-proof swivel casters make transportation of a patient from one location to another very easy. Combine it with an offset hinge to make the bathroom very easy to get in and out of.


The height is not adjustable. The seat might be too small for some users.




·         Allow the toilet seat to reach room temperature if exposed to cold before assembling. This will help prevent seat clamps from cracking while being assembled onto the commode back cross brace.

·         Insert the back support into the frame.

·         Depress release button on arm and gently allow arm to drop until reaching arm stop.

·         Align toilet seat clamps onto the back frame rail.

·         Both clamps should sit outside the pail brackets.

·         Push down on the seat until the clamps snap securely into place.

·         Grasp the back of the seat and lift when removing the seat.

·         Install the commode bucket by placing in bucket frame.

·         Reverse to remove.

·         The toilet seat must be in the down position before use; otherwise, breakage of commode and possible injury may occur.

·         Do not attempt to install the commode before reading and understanding the instructions first.

·         Contact a healthcare, dealer or technical professional if you do not understand the instructions.

·         Inspect all parts for shipping damage prior to assembly.

·         Make sure that all of the screws, nuts and/or bolts are tightened.

·         A caregiver should supervise users with restricted physical strength while using commode.


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