Why pump with the Viverity Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump.

There are many reasons why a mother decides to pump her breast milk and when they do, no pump is better than the Viverity Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump. This product is designed to make the breast pumping experience as pleasant as possible.  Before getting to the specifications of this great product let’s look at some of reasons (because they are so many) why you need to buy it.


Your baby cannot be attached to you 100% of the time. You will eventually have to go back to work. Or you may have to leave your baby with family, babysitter or friends to attend an appointment or a meeting. Even if it is just going to the store at the time your baby feeds. This is the main reason why mothers use the Viverity Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump.


There are many babies that are unable to take their mothers breast, therefore it makes it very difficult for mothers to comfortably feed them.  A baby might not want to breast feed because they are unable to get a good enough section of the breast in their tiny mouth. Another reason believe it or not is that the baby may be suffering from torticollis, making it painful depending on the side they are breastfeeding from.  Teething, reflux, stuffy nose, ear infection are a few other reasons why the best way to feed your baby is pumping your milk with the Viverity Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump.


Milk donation is very common and it can be one more reason for you to have the need of this product. Many mothers around the world participate in milk exchange programs or donate their milk to a milk bank.


Mastitis can be very painful and definitely one of the main reasons why you need to pump your breast milk. Using the Viverity Deluxe Double Electric Breast Pump will help you ease the pressure when your supply is overflowing.

This product comes with double vacuum tubing so the user can pump both breasts at the same time making it less time consuming for the busy mother.  It also has a closed system diaphragm and it can be operated with batter or AC/DC adapter.  The LCD display shows the 4 expressions that can be saved in the memory of the device. The silicon cushion enhances the comfort for the nursing mother.   The pump comes complete with bottle, AC/DC adaptor, vacuum tubing, bag and user manual and it is BPA free.