Re-introducing the TENS 7000

re introducing the TENS 7000Perhaps the unit that is regarded as the best of all TENS units in Electrotherapy, the TENS 7000 has become a popular unit among experts and patients alike. And due to its popularity we are constantly asked about this particular unit. Going over the how it works and how the effects felt by the human body when it is being used. The true effectiveness of TENS therapy using this device has been a subject of which many have written about in the past, we hope to illuminate those users who are just wanting to see what is the correct unit for their needs. That’s why we are presenting you with this updated and brand new review of the TENS 7000.


·         It features dual channel capability, both isolated.

·         The Unit comes with 5 different modes to choose from: Burst, Normal, Strength Duration 1, Strength Duration 2, and Modulation.

·         This device has fully adjustable pulse amplitude, pulse width and pulse rate.

·          This unit is fully portable, comes with a hard plastic carrying case, and it includes a 9V Battery. The device also comes with lead wires, four individual self-adhesive pre-gelled premium electrode pads.

·         The device also features a Patient Compliance Meter that stores 60 sets of operation records, with a total recorded time of 999 hours (That’s almost 42 days consecutive days).

The TENS 700 basically is the result when you take something good (TENS 3000) and change it to make it better. This new version besides having a 9v rechargeable battery, it also includes a power chord that allows saving the battery life. Another remarkable improvement on this device was the inclusion of 4 pre-gelled premium electrode pads that are above average in performance. These pads really do have a better performance than other standard pads included in other TENS units.

What does it do?

Like all TENS unit what this device does is use electric impulses to help the body stop feeling acute and chronic pain, it’s design is pretty straight forward and is very simple to manage. The main reason this unit is so well regarded is because it is powerful, and its power translates to a true effective way to sooth pain and discomfort.

Is it worth a purchase?

The reputation of the TENS 7000 is well earned. Customers who have purchased this unit have expressed nothing but satisfaction when it comes to the device. We have tried it for both reviews and personal use and we have been very pleased with the results. This unit deserves the attention it gets and it is definitely worth a purchase.