Rebuilding you: Rehab products and pain management supplies

Gentlemen, we can rebuild you. We have the rehab products and pain management supplies. We have the capability to make you feel like the bionic man. You can be that man. Better than you were before. Better... stronger... faster. And the best part is it won’t take anywhere near six million dollars. Quite the contrary, at Discount Medical Supplies you can find the best prices in the market for rehab and pain management products. There are 6 rehab and pain management categories, some encompassing their own subcategories and all boasting a plethora or top-quality, low-priced medical supplies:

1.       Hot and Cold Therapy.

2.       Rehab and Exercise Equipment.

3.       TENS/EMS/Electrotherapy.

4.       Pain Relief Gels, Lotions, and Ointments.

5.       Infrared Units.

6.       Kinesiology.

Rehab products and pain management supplies



Sample products

Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold therapy

·         Comfort gel packs.

·         Instant heat compresses.

·         Hot Steam Pack for Hydrocullator Units.

·         Cervical Therapy

·         Bladder.

·         TheraBath PRO Hydrating Cream.

Hot therapy

Hydrocullator and accessories

Aqua relief therapy

Paraffin bath and wax




Rehab and Exercise Equipment


·         Thera-Band Assist Attachment Device.

·         CanDo Memory Foam Hand Ball.

·         Body Sport Economy Jump Rope.





TENS units

·         TENS 3000.

·         Quattro 2.5 Clinical Electrotherapy.

·         CareTec II TENS/EMS.

·         Back Brace/Garment Extender.

·         Galvanic Stim.

·         InTENSity IF Combo.

·         Infrared Light Wand.

·         InTENSity Micro Combo.

·         EMS 5.0 Electronic Muscle Stimulator.

·         Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition.

·         TENS 7000.

·         TENS CELL 9V Rechargeable Battery.

·         1.5" Square Cloth Electrodes.


Clinical units

Combo units

Conductive garments



IF units

Laser and light therapy

Leadwires, batteries and accessories


Muscle stimulators

Russian stim





Infrared Units


·         Ir Heat Lamp Replacement Bulb.

·         NuVita™ Skin Cleansing & Toning System.



·         Kinesio Pre-Cut Tape.

·         H2O Black Logo Kinesiology Tape For Athletes.

·         Spider Pre-Cut Groin Tape.

Rock Tape


Pain Relief Gels, Lotions, and Ointments


·         Biofreeze Pain Reliever.

·         SubZero Cool Pain Relieving Gel.

·         CryoDerm Heat Roll-on.

·         Sombra Warm Therapy.

·         Zinc Oxide.




Skin care lotions


Rehab products and pain management supplies such as the ones listed above have been increasingly gaining popularity amongst doctors and patients due in no small part to their non-invasiveness – ensuring that the adverse side effects commonly associated with prescription painkillers are all but absent.

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