Regain your strength with the Power Web Hand Exerciser

hand excersing Web hand exercisers are slowly becoming a favored tool by physiotherapist for rehabilitation purposes for people with hand injuries. However these hand exercisers have also made their way to becoming fitness and conditioning tools by high-level athletes in disciplines like Tennis, Baseball and Boxing. But not only that, musicians have also found these items to be of great help in order to help them keep their fingers loose and limber. The Power Web Hand Exerciser is perhaps the most popular of these items, it is only right that we provide our customers with our very own exclusive review of this item.

Product Features

Power Web Hand Exerciser (Standard) by Power Web International feature a unique, patented design that allows duplication of virtually all joint actions comfortably and effectively, including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction, adduction, pronation and supination. Resistance of each web can be modified to meet specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion. Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised. Constructed of high-quality rubber with special agents added for durability and strength. Includes illustrated manual. Available in six resistance levels. It strengthens the muscles of the fingers, hand, and forearm, as well as it is useful for helping prevent repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

What we like about this product

A lot of people do not give much thought to the importance of developing strength to the hand and fingers. It goes way beyond of having a tight grip. Having a good strong hand will help you on a lot of different everyday activities. However while some people might be naturally strong, a very easy and effective way to fully improve your hand strength using the Power Web Hand Exerciser. This device is simple, yet extremely versatile. It has a design that allows you to try a whole different variety of exercises on both hands. The Power Web hand Exerciser comes in different resistance levels for different stages of exercise. Many physiotherapists are inclined to using this instrument to help people recovering from severe hand injuries to regain the strength on their hands.

Is it worth a purchase?

Absolutely. This exerciser might not look like much, but it is so helpful. Its simple design enables you to try so many different exercises that will help your entire hand or individual fingers. We recommend that our customers try and get the different resistance levels for a more thorough development and exercise.

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