Rehab products and pain management supplies: Cryocup

The Cryocup Ice Massage Therapy is a fine example of rehab products and pain management supplies. This is an ice applicator that brings together the cooling effect of an ice pack and the effectiveness of an ice massage. It is intended for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions such as strains, sprains, muscle spasms, and the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis.


·         Easy to use.

·         Decreases the time needed for soothing cold to penetrate the muscles.

·         Relieves the aches and pain of muscle strains, sprains, tendinitis, and plantar fasciitis.

·         Reusable.

·         Cold-retardant handle.

·         Tidy.

·         Durable.

·         Convenient.

·         Contoured base.

·         Comfort and ease of application.

·         Cost-effective.


What do people find appealing about rehab products and pain management supplies such as the Cryocup? Let’s see what they say on Amazon. “We have two runners in the family and frequently use this for icing and massaging soft tissue aches and pains. Much more comfortable and convenient than freezing water in a paper cup. When you take the cup apart, the upper part of the cup remains attached to the ice so your hand doesn't get cold while you use it. The end of the ice also has a nice rounded shape which is much more comfortable than the sharp edge you get freezing water in a paper cup.” Or, “I've been using my cryobiology for years ever since I had plantar faciiatis (sic). While at work typing, I keep my sore foot on the ice to keep the swelling down. Then when I injured my shoulder and had surgery, I used the ice cup everyday while taking a shower. Recently had a hip replacement and I ice my hip while showering. That way the ice does its job and I stay warm.”


On the negative side, most people who criticized this product mentioned that it seemed prone to cracking. For instance, “I dropped it on the floor by mistake when I took it out of the freezer;” or, “the plastic will crack if your freezer is really strong, due to sudden water expansion.” So just be careful not to drop it or freeze it too hard.


·         Press handle evenly and firmly into base.

·         Fill to the brim with tap water and freeze.

·         Rotate cup base under warm running water to separate Cryocup.    

·         Twist base and remove.

This sort of rehab products and pain management supplies can also be specifically be used for cryostretching and cryokinetics.


This is the application of cold to enable stretching following muscle or joint injury. Ice massage for 10-15 minutes followed by passive range-of-motion to the point at which further motion cannot proceed because of pain or contracture. An isometric contraction is then maintained for 5 seconds, followed by a pause, and then passive range-of-motion to pain threshold or resisted motion. This cycle is repeated for superb results in range-of-motion after several minutes of stretching.


This is the use of cold therapy in stretching programs to improve voluntary effort by eliminating pain inhibition. For instance, ice message to the elbow or patellar tendon before exercise may allow better strengthening of the respective forearm or quadriceps muscles. It is recommended that a passive or active range-of-motion program progress gradually to remain within pain tolerance limits. The objective of cryokinetics is to attain normal pain-free range-of-motion and to increase strength.


Consult a doctor or physical therapist before starting any rehab or exercise program.