Reviewing The Ice It! Ankle/Elbow/Foot System

ice itWhen nursing and taking care of joint injuries in the elbows, ankles or feet, a prominent and common item in Discount Medical Supplies’ top selling list is the Ice It! Ankle/Elbow/Foot System. This innovative system allows for you to apply cold therapy to these affected areas in your extremities, and provide a more “surrounding” sensation that can definitely enhance the benefits of cold therapy. We now present to you our very own review of this particular item, as we get our hands on this item and put it to the test.

Product Features

The Ice It! Ankle/Elbow/Foot System by Battle Creek was specifically designed to conform to joints, surrounding them with cold for maximum healing.  The system is fully flexible. The interior gel on the cold packs flows to mold around painful areas, even when frozen. It reaches a high freezing point quickly and it stays colder longer, maintaining a low temperature longer for maximum therapeutic benefit. The gel packs are made from high quality, non-toxic, 95% recycled interior gel that is fully comfortable. The System is made from machine washable fabrics. Durability: Can be used several times a day.


The main benefit of the Ice It! Ankle/Elbow/Foot System, is that is very versatile and it is able to mold to the different joint with relative ease. Whether it is your ankle, your elbow or your foot, it is very easy to apply. The materials used on the cold packs it includes really do keep colder longer and that truly help to maximize the therapeutic benefits. The fabric is durable and resistant and can be machine-washed for your convenience. Also, it should be pointed out that this appliance secures with durable and resistant Velcro straps, keeping it secure and in place.


There aren’t any cons to list about the Ice It! Ankle/Elbow/Foot System, it is a high quality item that really does provide an effective soothing sensation to the affected area. Plus, it also can be used several times in a day with no problem. What could be pointed out is that this item is to be used only in the mentioned areas (elbows, ankles and feet), and it is not designed to fit on other areas of the body.

Is it Worth a Purchase?

Yes. Even more so if you are a physiotherapist and/or provide care for sporting teams, this is a must have item for you. We strongly recommend you get it.

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