Reviewing the InTENSity Select Combo 4

Reviewing intensity

Adding Electrotherapy to their practice has allowed Chiropractors everywhere to further expand the different types of therapy that they can offer their patients and customers.  Before going out and purchasing a brand new unit, it is important to make an educated decision about the correct unit that is required. To broaden the scope of the possible treatment options to be delivered, combo units have become a popular alternative.  The InTENSity Select Combo 4 is one of the most sought after combo units by chiropractors wanting to dwell into electrotherapy. We took it out of the box, reviewed it and compared our impressions to customers who had already purchased it.

What it does

This combo unit is able to provide a range of different electrotherapy modes, TENS, EMS, Interferential and Microcurrent, with a range of 14 preset treatment modes.

It can help with treating chronic pain and discomfort (TENS), Regenerate and stimulate muscles to help tone and rehabilitate (EMS), Soothe and stimulate the nerves and increase blood flow (Interferential), and treat pain and inflammation (Microcurrent).

It is fully portable and it can be taken with you anywhere you go. It has a 9-volt battery and an AC adapter as power alternatives

Includes a pack of four reusable self-adherent electrodes.

Our Impressions

The very first thing that must be said about the InTENSity product line is that one thing that defines them is their reliability of the power of the units. When staring in the TENS therapy or the EMS therapy you really feel the machine working. It is very easy to use and setting the treatment that you are looking for. The electrodes that come with it are pretty good, but including some extra pads and some conductive gel on your order will make the most out of your Combo unit.

Customer Impressions

The InTENSity Select Combo 4 has earned a lot of adepts and people satisfied with the unit’s performance. There is a large considerable amount of pleased Chiropractors that have began to use this on their practice

“This unit works excellent, it really soothes pain and relieves stress effectively”

-J. Broadbent, in Henderson, KY.

“I am happy on how I am able to take it with me and provide house calls with on my patients. This device makes a real difference when treating chronic pain. My patients call it miraculous” – G. Joyce, in Nederland, TX

Is it worth a purchase?

The advantage of getting a Combo Unit is that you are able to provide a variety of electrotherapy treatment to your patients, but if you are leaning towards using one of the individual modes only, we recommend you get a TENS unit or a EMS unit. But if you purchase the inTENSity Select Combo 4, you will be very pleased with its performance. This unit is definitely an excellent addition to your practice.