Reviewing the InTENSity Select Combo 4

intensity10We at Discount Medical Supplies carry a very varied collection of electrotherapy units. One of them is the InTENSity Select Combo 4 waveforms TENS, EMS, IF, Micro. The flagship product from the InTENsity Digital units, the InTENSity is one of the most popular “Combo” units available on the market today. As the name states this machine has the capability of providing TENS therapy, Electrical Muscular Stimulation, Interferential and Microcurrent functions separately. This fully portable unit is a top seller and a popular item amongst the TENS community.

Product Features

What causes people to be drawn to this device is how it can really hold its own against the leading competition units available. It is powerful and reliable. The inclusion of an AC adapter really might not appear to be a huge factor but this simple additional feature really helps maximize the battery life of this unit, towering above popular units like the TENS 7000. It also has a great looking design and a very easy to read and clear blue screen. This unit is pricey compared to other units on the market. Many customers overlook the InTENSity Select Combo searching for a cheaper option. Granted, most customers only seek for a TENS unit, but they are not seeking the other great benefits included on a combo unit such as this one.

What we like about this product

One of the most surprising features about the InTENSity Select Combo is how powerful it is. Compared to other multi function combo units, this one could be very well the most powerful (105mA). So, when you buy it you can be rest assured that you will be getting a top-notch device. This device can be battery operated and it also includes an AC adapter. The four available waveforms provide for great flexibility in ways to adapt and help you treat your needs. It is rather easy to use, and it comes with a detailed instruction booklet for those not familiar with how to use these devices. It has fully adjustable wave forms, pulse rate, pulse width and voltage, it can be set to whatever you select it to be. Includes the following tens units supplies:  Lead wires, 4 premium electrode pads, a 9V battery and an AC adapter. It is elegantly designed in a compact size for it to be fully portable and it comes with a hard plastic carrying case.

Is it worth a purchase?

It is a matter of considering what you are looking for when it comes to the InTENSity Select Combo. While it might not be the initial unit that most people purchase we can safely say that most people who do buy it are soon upgrading to this model.

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