Reviewing the Therabuilt Apex Portable Massage Chair

Apex Portable Massage ChairAll chiropractors that want to diversify their practice and take their services to their patients, it is important to be able to provide adequate service regardless where they go. For these chiropractors it is very important for them to have a portable massage chair so they can perform their adjustments to their patients. One of these chairs is the The Therabuilt Apex portable massage chair, and we have taken it out of the box and tested it ourselves so we can give you our personalized review.

Product Features

This chair is a portable high quality padding and upholstery specialized massage chair that comes with a carrying case. It is lightweight made with thick foam and an adjustable face cradle. It is very comfortable and lightweight, making it very easy to transport. It is durable and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. distributed. It comes with the following accessories: Adjustable Head Rest, Deluxe Face Cushion, 3.5" Foam Chest, Seat and Leg Cushioning, Carrying Case.

What we like about this product

Overall what we have two specific features that we would like to stand out about this chair. First, how lightweight it is. It’s quite remarkable to be honest. It is very easy to transport and with its carrying case it makes it even easier. It fits just fine in an average size car trunk. Furthermore, it is very easy to assemble and to put away, so you can set up rather quickly.

The second thing that we would like to point out is that this chair is comfortable to the patient quite a bit. It definitely helps them relax and create a good massage environment making it easy for both your patient and you.

Further observations

One thing that must be pointed out about this chair is that eventhough it is lightweight it can stand 500lbs, this is important to keep inmid before making your purchase as going beyond it could result on damages to the chair. Other than that, it is a very well built massage chair that really will help you perform as many house calls as you please. If you are looking for something more solid,  you will not find a lot of competition to the performance for this item.

Is it worth a purchase?

Yes it is. Not only is it for a great low price it is very effective and professional. When you purchase this chair you will know instantaneously that it is precisely what you are looking for!