Rolling out the options: Shopping for Rollators

Rollators might look the same at a first glance to the untrained eye, but when faced in the need of purchasing one, it is not wise to just pick the first one that shows up out of the blue. Several elements need to come into play before selecting the correct item for you.  Sure style and design are key factors, but you will want to have the most comfortable and reliable rollator. Especially, if you are purchasing them in a retailer with a lot of options such as Discount Medical Supplies.

The 4 basic aspects to look for

·         How many wheels: This is a matter of stability because, depending how much you will need to rely on the rollator for balance this will definitely come into play. The most common amount for wheels in a rollator is 4, but there are also ones with just 3. Also we should include here that the size of the wheels is also important, the bigger the wheels the better performance on uneven terrain.

·         Seat: While a rollator is not a wheelchair, their seats can be very handy, and often they become the deal breaker when it comes to selecting the correct item. Because if are planning of often using the seat in the rollator the obvious choice would be for you to select one that is very comfortable. Also, some of the designs available allow for the height of the seat to be adjusted, so take that as well into consideration. Also, you might want to think if what you really need is a transport wheelchair (more on that later).

·         Width and Weight: The dimensions of the rollator are as much of a crucial aspect to look for as it is an obvious one. If you will be using this item to move around the house or to go outside, take into consideration the dimensions of the product before you purchase it.

·         Portability: Are you taking the rollator for a cruise around the block, or is it strictly for home use? Keep in mind that indoors it is best recommended for you to select a narrow rollator.

Do you need a Rollator or a Transport wheelchair?

This is a valid question that is not often asked, but it should be considered. Transport wheelchairs are similar to some rollators and often considered by some under the same category, but their functions are quite different. Since they are lighter than the traditional wheelchairs they are very convenient to take on trips and they are a good transition from injury to finally start to move around. Certain transport wheelchairs can adapt to this transition and be used as rollators.

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