Rounding up the best No-Rinse Cleansers: A Bundled Review

When in limited situations, a caregiver must be wise in selecting the best possible no-rinse cleansers to help maintain the care receiver’s personal hygiene. It is essential to their quality of life and for their condition not to worsen in potential infections. In such special situations where there are special needs, and patients limited to minimum mobility, keeping them sanitized can be tricky. Thankfully there is a wide variety of hygiene products that can make a caregiver’s life so much easier, but which one is the best one? What works better for your needs? We take a look into some of the most popular items in patient hygiene and give you all the info you need to know to decide if they are worth your purchase.


Carex Rinse-Free Body Bath

The main advantage of this product is that it works perfectly on any type of situation. The Carex Rinse-Free Body Bath was designed to help caregivers provide bathing for those who have no or limited mobility. It also allows for a proper bathing in locations where there are no facilities in close proximity and to those who are physically unable to get to a bathing area. No water is required, and it cleans and deodorizes with a very gentle safe formula that is alcohol free and it is safe even for perineal areas.


Convatec Aloe Vesta Body Wash

This body wash is popular among our customers because of its versatility; it features a solution that enables for it to be used on both no-rinse scenarios and in routine tub or shower baths. Either way it is used it sooths sensible and fragile skin, while moisturizing it. It works for all areas of the body and leaves the skin and hair smelling fresh and clean. Definitely one of the most popular items in this category due to its economic pricing and different presentations.


Sensi-Care Perineal/Skin Cleanser

The Sensi-Care cleanser provides a mild formula that provides a clean wash without any form of irritation. It is a rinse-free solution to help fight bad odors and unpleasant sensation of dry skin. This formula is designed to deliver a mild cleansing that dissolves forms of fecal soils, and remains gentle to the skin. It contains special conditioners that help moisturize and clean fragile and sensible areas of the body, such as the perineal area. It doesn’t leave any soap residue, and it has a nice refreshing clean smell.


3M Wound and Skin Cleanser          

For special requirements to tend for a wounded area in the body the 3M Wound Cleanser is one of the best available options for you. It is gentle and soft on very sensible skin, non-cytotoxic and pH balanced. It helps in the wound healing process by delivering a mildly acidic environment that helps the skin repair itself. It works on ulcers, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds and many other types of wounds. It is rinse free and formulated with a Zinc Nutrient for skin care.


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