Setting a trend: the InTENSity Micro Combo review

intensity microcomboThe inTENSity product line is equal to high quality. Their products are viewed in high regard by physicians and therapists, and they are loved by patients who use their products on a daily basis. One of their items in their product line that stands out because of how innovative it was upon its first release and how it put a brand new fresh spin on the way we viewed electrotherapy is the inTENSity Micro Combo Unit, it is a very interesting combination of Microcurrent and TENS therapy, covering a great effective way to provide the patient with a direct approach to pain management. Here is our very own exclusive hands on review of this popular item.

Product Features

The InTENSity Micro Combo unit brings together the healing effectiveness of Microcurrent and the pain relief properties of TENS technology for the best in pain management therapy. It features 4 TENS modes and 3 adjustable Microcurrent cycles. This allows the user to try almost any Microcurrent protocol for a wide variety of healing approaches. It's been manufactured with care to be effective but at the same time attractive displaying all values on a bright digital LCD screen.

What we like about the product

What the InTENSity Micro Combo unit does that makes it stand out, is that it is a TENS unit that provides something extra. It TENS mode gives a great and effective therapy that does very well in soothing and relieving pain and discomfort, but it also adds the option of 3 Microcurrent programs that does provide a whole new spectrum of different approaches to healing and treating injury and pain. Also, this unit provides also the power that inTENSity units are known for, meaning for a deeper effect.

Further Comments

One thing that must be said in all due fairness, is that this unit might not be as simple and easy to use as others. Getting a hold of how to properly use the InTENSity Micro Combo might take a bit longer than expected, that’s why we strongly recommend that you carefully read the instructions before using this device.

Is it worth a purchase?

The InTENSity Micro Combo does put in the extra step to be standing above the rest as it does give a versatile approach to TENS therapy. However, this could be viewed as a more advanced unit for most. Granted that there are more simpler units available on the market, they are not as complete and powerful as this particular unit.

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