Sidney Crosby to Miss Three Day Road Trip Due to Jaw Injury

Doctors had to put all their knowledge and gather all the medical supplies they needed  into repairing Sidney Crosby's jaw last week. The Pittsburgh Penguins super star sustained a broken jaw on March 30th in the game against the New York Islanders. Today  Crosby must feed on a liquid diet as the damage was very severe and he is on a slow way to recovery. It is unsure yet when his he will be returning to the ice to defend his title as the top scorer of the season.

It is the first time that Crosby sustains an injury of this sort. In the past with any regular sports injury he would be treated with analgesics, a TENS 3000 unit or any other device and some rest.
This time however he had to spend two days at the hospital while the doctors reconstructed his jaw and teeth that completely shattered when he got impacted by the hockey puck on the first period of the game. Now he has been set up and ready to smile with a new set of teeth.

''I felt it but I didn't see it,'' said Crosby, whose 56 points are tops in the league. ''It was kind of a weird bounce and just one of those things that happen and having gone a week or however long it's been now, it's gotten better. I feel a lot better than I did after it happened.''

Crosby still does not know when he will be returning but he knows for sure that he will not be able to accompany the Pittsburgh Penguins on their three game road trip that begins on April 9th in Carolina.

''We'll see how it heals and it will be a process here the next little bit but I'm not too worried about the teeth,'' Crosby said. ''I'm worried about making sure I'm healed and hopefully that's sooner rather than later.''

Fortunately, although the injury was very serious, medical exams determined that there were no symptoms of concussion. No further medical supplies or assistance had to be used to treat any life threatening situations. The one thing that the Penguins' star is upset about is the liquid diet he has been put through for the past 9 days.

Worried about how much weight and muscle fiber he is losing with this diet, he admits that that has been the least enjoyable aspect of these past few days.