Sleep awareness: Sleeping and Snoring medical supplies online

Mar 2nd to 9th will be National Sleep Awareness Week, and Hypnos knows we need medical supplies online for sleeping and to prevent snoring more than ever. Just the other day the CDC released a report indicating that 1 in every 3 adult Americans does not get enough sleep. Personally, I think the term ‘sleep awareness’ is a misnomer of the sort of ‘freedom fighters;’ freedom fighters do not fight freedom, they fight for freedom (or whatever their concept of freedom is). Likewise, the goal of sleep is not to be aware; it is to be blissfully unaware of the world around you for at least 7 consecutive hours. It’s like the phrase ‘you snooze, you lose.’ Well, with the following products available at Discount Medical Supplies, you snooze, you win.

Product features



No Snore Pillow

·         Designed to help decrease snoring and enable a restful night’s sleep.

·         Helps keep proper sleeping posture.

·         Made from polyurethane foam.

·         Machine-washable cover.

Super Compressed Bed Wedge Cushion

·         Multi-position.

·         Raises upper body or legs.

·         Promotes a comfortable night's sleep.

·         Perfect for neck, shoulder or back pain.

·         Helps in the relief of acid reflux and snoring.

·         Relieves respiratory discomfort and promotes easy breathing.

·         Precision cut high density foam.

·         Removable, machine-washable, low-shear spandex cover.

·         Super compressed packaging.

D-Core Cervical Pillow

·         Gentle supports for the head while lobe supports the neck.

·         Helps to restore the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine.

·         Helps relieve tension headaches, neck spasms, arthritis and snoring.

·         Filled with 100% polyester fiber.

·         Fits a standard pillowcase.

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

  • For back or side sleepers.
  • Trapezoid center cradles head and supports neck.
  • 100% cotton cover.
  • Fits standard-size pillowcase.

Hudson Snore No More Memory Foam Pillow

  • Designed to reduce snoring and promote deeper, more restful sleep.
  • Improves breathing by keeping the chin away from the chest, the jaw forward and the airway open.
  • Supports and positions the head and neck to improve alignment, whether sleeping on the side, back or stomach.
  • Made of hypoallergenic premium foam.
  • Will not harbor mildew.
  • Fits standard pillowcase.



What’s great about these sleeping and snoring medical supplies online is that they provide non-invasive, drug-free ways to sleep better. It may be difficult to become accustomed to, say, a CPAP mask. On the other hand – and unless we’ve had a Dickensian childhood – we have been used to sleeping with a pillow under our heads for the entirety of our lives. These are no ordinary pillows, though. In fact, one is actually a wedge.


Depending on the source of one’s poor sleeping habits, a different approach may be required to address the underlying cause. For instance these medical supplies online mostly – though not exclusively – aimed at reducing sleep-related problems such as snoring.


With the preceding in mind, we recommend you to discuss your sleep problems with your doctor and ask him or her whether using these products would improve your nighttime rest.

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