Smart investing: Buy extra electrodes for your TENS unit

When investing on an Electrotherapy unit, for personal or professional purposes, the smartest thing that you can do to fully maximize the experience is enhancing it with high quality electrodes.  Getting conductive gel to make sure the electric current you are receiving is fully transmitted is also important.

We should address the necessity and the true importance of acquiring Electrode Pads for your TENS unit or your EMS unit. Whenever you purchase a TENS or EMS unit, standard electrodes that you can apply directly and use them right away are included. Those electrode pads are designed and manufactured directly for easy and quick use. Experts and physicians agree that when buying one of these machines it is highly advisable that you make the extra investment and buy a pack of extra electrodes.

So many options to choose from!

If you browse Discount Medical Supplies’ large selection of electrodes, you might be overwhelmed. But the key to the different electrodes you can choose from is based on the needs you might have, and what you want to get from your TENS unit or EMS unit.   As you will be able to appreciate, electrodes come in multiple shapes and sizes and not necessarily for aesthetic reasons, but for how they can be employed. For professionals it is highly recommended that you have a variety of different electrodes in your practice to be able to provide more adequate care for your patients.

It’s all about the material

The quality of the electrode is based on the way they are made and the materials used to make them. It has been proven that the highest quality electrodes are made from either stainless steel knit fabric or silver backing; this way the electric current that the unit releases fully covers the surface of the electrode. Also, this type of material provides the electrodes with a longer shelf life than regular cloth electrodes.

Conductive gel

You could have the most powerful TENS unit, some steel knit fabric electrodes, but a missing piece to make everything “gel” together, you will need some conductive gel. Known as ultrasound gel, conductive gel, skin prep, and other names, this is a great ally to fully ensure that the quality of the electrotherapy being employed is successful.

Choosing the best option

Every electrode is unique, sort of like snowflakes. To properly choose which one is best for you, you need to consider  the amount of use you plan to get from it, the areas they will be used on, and the cost. For professional use, the smartest thing to do is get them in bulk and take advantage of Discount Medical Supplies prices.

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