Smite the mite with the Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer

Smite the mite with the Pluggable UV C Air SanitizerThe Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer not only obliterates dust mites but also blows other allergens like mold spores into oblivion, and blasts odors to kingdom come. This device channels the power UV-C light to do to airborne bacteria and viruses what the vortex of fire did to the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It accomplishes this by drawing air inside by a fan, exposing it to UV-C light, and releasing it back as pure and fresh as the driven snow.


·         Kills 98% of Airborne Bacteria and Viruses.

·         Fights unwanted odors and allergens like mold and dust mites. 

·         Natural UV-C. 

·         UV-C Light Technology.

·         Processes 456 cubic feet of air per hour.

·         No filters to clean or replace.    

·         Compact design for use in any space.    

·         Special UV-C bulb that does not produce ozone.

·         Weight: 1 lb.

·         Dimensions: 3 x 3.2 x 7.5.

·         Material: Plastic


Natural UV-C light technology is often used in hospitals and other healthcare settings. However, the size of the Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer allows you to use it in small rooms like the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, and pet areas. The bulb requires less energy than a standard light bulb and lasts anywhere from 4,000 to 5,000 hours. This item is as safe around children and animals as any other 120V device, and its operation does not involve any chemicals. On the Guardian Technologies website – the product’s developer – users write that “I am very pleased with my Germ Guardian. Since I am prone to allergies which affect my sinuses and so hamper my breathing at night I use is in my bedroom. I breathe more freely and so sleep more deeply. This product is well worth the cost;” and that “this is one of the best air sanitizers I have ever had. No filters to replace since it’s just a bulb. I sleep much better during the night, and the air is much cleaner.”


On the other hand, another reviewer wrote that “a visitor brought a cold over Christmas and this did not keep us from getting sick.” Keep in mind that the Pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer kills more than 98% of airborne bacteria and controls odors, but does not prevent illness.


Use at home, in an office environment, hotel rooms, doctor’s office, or anyplace indoors where you want or need to sanitize the air and eliminate odors. Plug it in next to a diaper pail or use it to get rid of odors from litter boxes. Replace the bulb after 4,000 hours, when it loses about 15% of its effectiveness.

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