Stop Sleep Apnea: The CPAP and Heated Humidification System

sleep apnea

An estimate of 45% of the World’s population suffers from some sort of sleeping problems or sleep disorders. In particular, Sleep Apnea is the leading sleep disorder that science has proven to be the gateway to many other health issues that affect men and women alike all over the globe. The best ally we have against this condition are CPAPs devices, and one of them is the IntelliPAP® AutoAdjust CPAP and Heated Humidification System. Today, in hopes to further present our customers with a detailed hands-on look of this device we present you our exclusive review.

Product Features

The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust CPAP and Heated Humidification System is operational in CPAP as well as AutoAdjust modes. The latter includes automatic pressure adjustment and detection of mask conditions and snoring, and adjustable definition of apnea and hypoapnea, upper and lower pressure limits, and delay setting for up to 4 hours. The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust CPAP and Heated Humidification set comes with SmartFlex technology.  It is made and built to be a companion while the patient is sleeping assuring a good night sleep without compromising the quality of sleep.

What we like about this product

If you are a first time user for a CPAP machine it is absolutely normal to feel unsure about using this machine and how it will improve your sleep. Perhaps those feelings of anxiety might cause you to have a hard time sleeping the first night, but we can guarantee that after an hour maybe even less, you will be able to sleep easily and have a good night sleep. The CPAP and Heated Humidification System, not only does it helps you breathe better, it will enhance greatly the quality of your sleep. No longer will you feel tired during the day. It has been designed to really tackle the different issues that sleep apnea causes. It not only will it guarantee you a good night sleep, if you sleep with an spouse or partner, they will also rest better.

Additional Comments

Perhaps the main cause for people who snore and suffer from sleep apnea to be uncertain about any CPAP machine is that these devices have masks that look very uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately we can tell you that the comfort of the CPAP mask is really up to the mask that you select and thankfully there are many types of masks to choose from.

Is it worth a purchase?

Absolutely! Not only will you sleep better and more healthily, but you will notice the difference in the first couple of days. You will find yourself with more energy, and completely revitalized.

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