Surgilube sterile jelly and hospital equipment supplies

Surgilube sterile surgical lubricant jelly can be used for the insertion of hospital equipment supplies such as catheters, endoscopes, surgical instruments and gloves – all of which are also available at Discount Medical Supplies – into body orifices. This product provides doctors and nurses with immediate, continual lubricating action that is both dependable and convenient.


·         For home care or clinical use.

·         Blend of natural water-soluble gums.

·         Instant, continuous lubrication.

·         For insertion of catheters, endoscopes, and surgical instruments.


Reviews of this product on Amazon have users saying such things as “I think that this is an excellent product. I use it with my client who is a paraplegic. It is an excellent choice and is used by physicians in hospitals,” which can be construed as saying that Surgilube is ideal for use with hospital equipment supplies. But back to the business at hand, the “product package is very convenient to use. Product itself works well for its intended function. It is the same product as my doctor uses;” “This product does the job very well. It makes a necessary procedure less troublesome and does it without any unwanted side effects;” “Very good product. Satisfied with use of this product. Smooths the friction very well. It go well with the pratt urethral sounds. I would recommend it.”


Fougera, the maker of Surgilube has released a consumer notice warning that “a very small number of individual Surgilube Foilpacs may have a tendency to thicken over time. This issue is not widespread, but has been observed to happen on occasion.” At the same time, the manufacturer reminded users that “The safety and efficacy of Surgilube Foilpacs is not compromised. There have been no reported health related issues associated with thickened product.”


Fougera also recommends the following:

·         The use of an antibacterial/cleanser wipe, hand sanitizer, alcohol and/or alcohol wipe with Surgilube in laminate tubes is not recommended. 

·         If you chose to use an antibacterial/cleanser wipe, hand sanitizer, alcohol and/or alcohol wipe on your body and you are using gloves, change them before touching the laminate tube or wash your hands before touching the laminate tube. 

·         Do not allow the chemicals from the antibacterial/cleanser wipe, hand sanitizer, alcohol and/or alcohol wipe to come in contact with the tube.

·         These recommendations do not pertain to Surgilube in aluminum tubes or in foilpacs.

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