TENS 3000 and TENS 7000: The Boys are Back in Town

Boys are back in town

The TENS 3000 and TENS 7000 pain management units are again available for purchase at Discount Medical Supplies. The DMS franchise players are two of our most popular and best-selling items, and will certainly regain their rightful place among electrotherapy royalty in no time at all (#backinstockbackontop) – even less time than it too Michael Jordan to win a fourth NBA ring after returning for the first time. Of course that is up to our customers, who had to go without for a while so they will surely be eager to get their hands on one of these units, and why not? They are an

  • Affordable,
  • Effective,
  • Non-invasive,
  • Drug-free,
  • Side effect-free treatment for muscle and joint pain.

Now, in case you have not heard of TENS therapy – which is possible; maybe you started experiencing musculoskeletal pain during the Great TENS Strike of ’15, or perhaps you’ve been living under a rock with your eyes closed and your hands covering your ears – here it is in a nutshell. This technology consists of the transmission of electrical impulses through the skin and into the nerves. These impulses break the pain cycle, meaning that communication of pain signals to the brain is interrupted thus eliminating the sensation of pain. As such, electrotherapy relieves the pain symptoms but does not address the underlying cause of pain. Taking into account that some causes of joint pain like arthritis have not cure, though, very often electrotherapy is the best if not only alternative.

The words ‘electrical’ and ‘through the skin’ may have made you wince, but the beauty of TENS is that the impulses are delivered via electrode pads (which are included with the TENS units and are also sold separately on Discount Medical Supplies) attached to the skin. That means there isn’t any kind of needles involved – not even acupuncture needles. You should be able to feel the current flowing through your skin but, if applied correctly, treatment is completely painless. Ask your doctor whether TENS therapy might be for you, and if so, he or she may prescribe you a TENS 3000 or TENS 7000 and help you choose the correct settings and whatnot for your particular case.

On the other hand, if you have tried and benefited from TENS treatment before, you’ll be happy to know that you’re able to order TENS 3000 and TENS 7000 devices from DMS again. We have the guaranteed lowest prices on most products, several shipping methods available, and a host of cherubs for a customer service team. So go ahead and place your order and rest assured that there are plenty of TENS machines to go around for a long time to come.

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