TENS unit supplies: UltraStim Single Snap White Cloth Electrode

Electrodes are arguably the most important TENS unit supplies, and the UltraStim Single Snap White Cloth Electrode is a perfect example of why that is so.


·         Silver grid pattern.

·         No need for center lead wire.

·         Offset lead wire guarantees maximum conformity.

·         Made with trademarked MultiStick® Hydrogel.

·         Flexible.

·         Durable.

·         Top Quality.

·         Latex-Free.

·         Poly-coated White Cloth.

·         Sliver Ink Printed Carbon Film.

·         Uncompromising  performance and adhesion


These electrodes feature great re-use value. Some users have gotten up to 20 to 30 uses out of them. Additionally, they are ideal replacements for when your current electrodes become too worn. These TENS unit supplies look and work great and their price they are perfectly cost-effective. These trademarked current controlling neuro-stimulation electrodes distribute current evenly and comfortably through the use of a snap connector as opposed to a lead wire. The bottom snap is scientifically engineered to match impedance in the entire system to offer even current distribution across the surface, even with a snap. The silver grid pattern is specifically calculated to precisely control electrical current over the electrode surface, while the border around the grid pattern allows for an intentional current roll off to prevent edge stinging. Using the patented multi-layer MultiStick® hydrogel improves performance and prevents issues related to electrodes that come with single-layer gels.


It is rather difficult to come up with any downside to these TENS unit supplies. If anything, we can just say that individual experience may vary from one user to the next but, all things considered, most people are satisfied with this electrode’s performance.


·         The skin of the user must always be clean, dry and free from lotion.

·         The electrode should not be applied to broken skin.  If skin rash or skin burn occur, immediately discontinue use and call your physician.

·         Adjust the electrotherapy device according to the instruction manual or as indicated by your doctor. Turn off the stimulator before attempting to remove the electrodes from your skin.

·         Consult the instruction manual for proper electrode size.  Do not exceed an intensity of 0.1 Watt/cm2.

·         When electrodes start to lose adhesion, gently rubbing one or two drops of water onto gel surface may prolong usage.  Otherwise, replace with new TENS unit supplies.

·         Do not apply electric stimulation while driving or operating machinery.

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