TheraBand Hand XTrainer: Everything’s better with an X

The Theraband Hand Xtrainer is a hand therapy device that comes in different densities or resistance levels. This product is ideal for both home exercise and in-clinic use, as it is easy to clean in between uses.


·         Patented formula.

·         Compatible with hot and cold therapy.

·         Built-in recovery for optimal form.

·         Easy to use.

·         Economical alternative to hand extensors.

·         Ideal replacement to putty.

·         Intuitive.

·         Progressive for clear measure of progress.

·         Supports broader range of finger, hand, wrist, and forearm exercises.

·         Clean.

·         Professional.

·         Comfortable.

·         Cross-functional.

·         Latex-free.

·         Black, advanced sport.

·         Blue, advanced.

·         Red, beginner.

·         Green, intermediate.


According to Amazon users, “these Theraband hand trainers are great. They really helped me restore my hand strength after surgery. All the different levels are very helpful too so you can progress without hurting yourself.” Another customer wrote that “I decided to give this item a try since I was having difficulties doing therapy putty exercises with my ring finger and little finger (recovering from a CVA). I would spend more time tring (sic) to position my fingers than actually doing exercises. I have been using this daily for the last two weeks and I am seeing improvement.”


On the other hand, reviewers on Amazon complain that “the XTrainer does not come with instructions. The sticker on the lid has 18 illustrations that are a quarter inch wide, making it hard to see and understand;” though one rationalized it as “meant more for practicing doctors than for consumers, in which case the lack of instructions makes a little more sense.” Apparently there is also some sort of powder or chalky substance involved but this seems to be normal and fixed easily by either rinsing the XTrainer off or washing your hands after use.


We recommend you to ask your doctors if this product would be good for you. If the answer is yes, then you can proceed to ask him or her to show you how to use it for best results. Also keep in mind that the difference in colors is not purely aesthetical; each color represents a different level of resistance. Logically, one would start with the lowest resistance level and work one’s way up. As yet another person wrote on Amazon, “I feel the difference when I use it. My extensors feel better and my grip feel (sic) stronger. I plan to purchase the other colors soon.”

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