Therapeutic Forearm Tennis Elbow Strap product review

The BandIT Therapeutic Forearm Band and Tennis Elbow Strap is the only example of its type of medical supplies online designed to work with the human anatomy to help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and tennis elbow without decreasing circulation, limiting motion, or resulting in incommodious swelling.


·         Athletic therapy device.

·         For forearm use.

·         Designed to help relieve and prevent pain related to tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, tendinitis, and cumulative trauma disorders.

·         Perfect for sports, work and, use at home.

·         Hook-and-loop strap around two padded compressors.

·         Adjusts for comfort and fit without constricting circulation.

·         One size fits most.


What makes the BandIT stand out among medical supplies online of this kind is the fact that it does not utilize a tourniquet effect, which is what causes tissue swelling. Instead, this product turns the natural movement of the forearm into a pump. Furthermore, this strap can be comfortably worn for longer periods of time. The best part, though, is that this is not just a tennis elbow band; it can also be used by golfers, weightlifters, bowlers, racquetball players, and typists. What’s more, not only does this product not reduce circulation but it actually enhances it, as well as produces subtle warmth at the painful area, and improves the body’s healing process, and decreases inflammation and muscle spasms.


At least one user was not a big fan of the massive brand logo on the side of the brace as it made him feel he was a walking advertisement for BandIT. But that’s just splitting hairs.


·         Do not machine wash or dry.

·         Hand wash with water and mild soap.

·         Compress the pads and rinse thoroughly.

·         Pat dry any excess water with a towel.

·         Contact your health care professional for lingering pain.

·         If excessive moisture due to physical exertion builds under the BandIT, place a loose fabric sleeve under it or remove it after activity to allow skin and the product to dry.

·         Place the band on the forearm about two finger widths below the crease of the elbow.

·         Tighten the strap, pulling it from the underside of the arm towards yourself.

·         The strap should not be tightened more than it is necessary to keep the device in place during the activity that triggers the condition; for instance, tighter for tennis, looser for typing.

·         When worn as instructed, the strap between the two plates should be equal in length on each side of the arm.

·         The plate with the logo sits on top of the arm and the other plate under the arm.

·         To achieve this, pull the bottom plate (the one without the logo) along the strap.

·         The strap is not glued to the bottom plate.

·         For a more personalized fit, the plastic plates are bendable and may be squeezed gently or “cupped” for a smaller arm or flattened for a larger arm.

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