Top Tens Units: Q&A's on the TENS 7000

What is it? 

The TENS 7000 is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device that is used to control and ease the pain. It is a portable unit powered by batteries and can easily fit in your pocket. It delivers the therapy through soft and secure electrical impulses.

When is it used?

The TENS 7000 treats many types of pain.  It can relief acute pain like the one you suffer after surgery or an accident. It can also be used effectively to treat chronic pain therefore people with arthritis, muscle pain, back pain, fybromialgia and more.  This device is a safe way to help people who need pain management and have a hard time dealing with the side-effects of some pain killers as the treatment is non-invasive.

How it works?

The TENS 7000 will diminish the pain by sending the electrical impulses through the electrodes.  These impulses are sent from the device through the lead wires that are attached to the electrodes. Once they hit the skin, they go into nerves.  The nerves will then take the signals to the brain and make the pain feeling turn into a painless tingling. This completely changes the perspective of the pain. It has been proven that this type of therapy will also increment the amount of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are chemical substances that help alleviate the pain and are naturally produced by the body.

What to keep in mind?

Electrotherapy will usually be prescribed for 3 or 5 days. It can also be prescribed continuously in some conditions. A machine like the TENS 7000 can be used 3-4 hours a day to relief the pain from arthritis. All of the above can be carried out at home.  However, it is always good to have a practitioner show you how to correctly put on the electrodes  and start up the unit so you can later do it at home on your own.

Who should not use the TENS 7000?

The TENS 7000 should not be used by people who have a pace maker. The electrical impulses generated by the TENS unit will interfere with the proper functioning of the device. People who suffer from any type of heart condition should be very careful and always consult a physician before use of any electrotherapy unit. Never place the electrodes on your head or if you have any circulatory disease.  Those who suffer from any type of convulsions should not use a tens unit either.