TRUEtrack Glucose Meter: Essential Diabetes Medical Supplies

 The TRUEtrack Blood Glucose Meter is one of the most popular and sought after Diabetic Meter Kits in Discount Medical Supplies, for very simple reasons. It is affordable and accurate. With the American Diabetes Awareness Month upon us, we present you with one of the essential Diabetes medical supplies that a person dealing with this condition must know and own.  Among the many other option for Glucose monitors this one stands out and here you will find out why.

Product Features

·         Simple 2-step testing – just insert strip and test.

·         Fast, accurate results in 10 seconds.

·         Small, 1 mL blood sample.

The TRUEtrack by Nipro Diagnostics features an accurate, affordable easy to use system. It has a simple, 2-step testing process that allows for the results to appear in just 10 seconds with a small, 1-micriliter blood samples. Also, TRUEtrack has a 365-test memory with date and time, and uploading capability available. It has installed a 3V battery; furthermore the package also includes 10 TRUEtrack Smart System Test strips and an owner’s booklet. Additionally it also has a self-testing logbook and a compact carrying case.

Our overall Impressions

The very first thing that must be said about the TRUEtrack Glucose Meter is that it is easy to operate with a 2-step testing, just insert sip and test. Customers of Discount Medical Supplies who have purchased this item, hold it in high regard and have rated it high on our website. Another appealing notion is that this device is very cost effective and absolutely reliable. Another thing worth mentioning about this device is that it doesn’t require much of a learning phase to fully operate, once you get a hold of how its used you will find it extremely helpful.

Additional comments and other feedback

Users of the TRUEtrack Glucose Meter all agree that the 2-step testing method makes it easy for even the most technologically challenged. People in need of a Blood Glucose level reading are frequently in need to get results quickly and performing the test can be a bit of a hassle. The great advantage of this meter is how quickly you get your results and how you can store the results on the device memory. Also being fully portable you could take this meter with you where ever you go. This item is a sure purchase, it is highly recommended and it is definitely among the essential Diabetes medical supplies, hence it’s popularity among our customers. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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