Urine luck: Urology supplies at the best prices on the web

urineluckUrology supplies at Discount Medical Supplies are not only among the lowest priced available on the Internet, but DMS also has a wide variety of catheters, leg bags, urological irrigation products and solutions, gloves, urine collection devices, drainage bags, and accessories. We feature the best brands in the industry, including Coloplast, Hollister, Kendall, Cure and more. You will find male and female, indwelling, intermittent and external catheters at the best prices found on the web. If urology medical supplies is what you’re looking for, then urine for a treat.

Discount Medical Supplies urology supplies

·         Leg bags and accessories

Leg bags can help the patient lead a more active lifestyle, including an active outdoor life worry-free.

·         External catheters

External catheters can allow the patient to fully incorporate them to their daily lives without compromising or altering their comfort.

·         Catheters trays/kits

Catheters Tray and Kits allow for easy insertion for professional hospital use and for home use. You will see all different sorts of trays and kits from different manufacturers. We have a broad selection of these items so you can go ahead and shop around and look for what you need.

·         Catheter accessories

Lubricants, dressings, plugs, tubes, tubing clamps, and other catheter supplies. This selection includes accessories and urology supplies that are fully compatible with catheters for both male and female patients.

·         Intermittent catheters

Intermittent catheters for both male and female patients made from different materials to accommodate different needs. We also feature different brands and style of catheters so you can go ahead and find the best alternative for you.

·         Urological irrigation products/solutions

All the tools and equipment that you might need to perform a urological irrigation, including irrigation trays, bulb syringes, and different types of irrigation solutions.

·         Gloves

For protection, examination and other different medical requirements, such as application of catheters, bladder irrigation and urology kits and products.

·         Urine collection

Containers, bottles and other urology supplies for the collection of urine.

·         Drainage bags

Drainage Bags are available in different sizes and capacities, for patients of all ages. These items are all sterile and single-use bags for easy disposal.

·         Catheters

Catheters for both male and female users, as well as a wide variety of different brands, styles and sizes. We have supplies and accessories of all sorts, styles and types of catheters to meet different urological needs.

·         Collection devices and accessories

Collection Devices to collect samples and specimens from patients for further testing.


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