Where comfort meets support: the L0627 LSO Back Brace

L0627 LSO Back Brace by Clinical Health Services, is a economic back support brace that provides exceptional control for those people suffering from lumbar orthosis. This back brace has a rigid anterior and posterior panel for sturdiness. This brace can be adjustable for the wearer and it works by employing intracavitary pressure that decreases the weight on the intervertebral discs. This device comes with straps, closures, pendulous design and padding for comfort. It was designed for the general treatment of lower back conditions, strains, sprains and, it can also be used for patients with scoliosis. 

LSO Back Brace Product Features
  • The L0627 LSO Back Brace offers rigid anterior and posterior panels that can give full support as it goes from the L-1 to under the L-5 vertebra. 
  • This back brace is padded for comfort, while rigid it soft and fully adjustable to the wearer so it can fit different body types.
  • It can help treat lower back conditions such as scoliosis, strains and sprains. Also it has been known to work on cases of lumbar disc displacement, disc degeneration, compression fracture and disc herniation. 
  • Can be used for postoperative back support. 
  • It can help the reduction of lower back pain.
  • Comes with Velcro attachments with a front smaller curved polymer insert and a larger back with a “bump” polymer insert.

What buyers like about the LSO Back Brace?
  • The main feature that draws customers to get this back brace is how cost effective it is. It provides great support and does in fact help provide support when it is needed the most. 
  • Another feature that makes this item popular is that is effective, and in some cases can reduce pain considerably to very low amounts of discomfort. Of course this being an alternative against potentially dangerous pain medications.
  • It is made with resistant materials and works fine on most cases.
What buyers don’t like about the LSO Back Brace?
  • Although it is a reliable back brace, this device as most back braces fall victims to a general misconception made by a lot of people, that they eliminate pain. That is not true at all, and they are not advertised to do that either. They can help reduce pain and in some cases the pain is almost gone. This has caused for some misunderstandings for users of this and even pricier back braces.
  • Although it has a very simple design, it can be a bit tricky to properly place on your body.
  • For more sensible discomforts and back conditions, we would recommend that you consider reviewing other similar products.
As stated above, the L0627 LSO Back Brace is a good but perhaps not great back brace. It is effective and can provide the support needed, but people with more serious issues and back pain might want to explore other options.