Why you should add the Quattro 2.5 to your practice

quattroIn recent times, more and more physicians and doctors are choosing to add the Quattro 2.5 Clinical Electrotherapy unit to their practices. This Clinical Unit is one of the leading professional Electrotherapy devices in the market, and a regular top seller in our online store. Since the growing interest of this device by our customers and physicians that get their medical products online, we have used this device and are now presenting you with our hands on review. We hope to answer the question: “does this machine worth the attention it gets?”

Product Features

The first thing you will see when you get the Quattro 2.5 Clinical Electrotherapy tens unit is its size. It is not a large clunky machine, it is small and conveniently sized, but do not let that fool you. It is very comfortable and can be placed on a tabletop, therapy cart or it can be mobile in case of any house call. It has an advanced operating system that operates on four channels and outputs waveforms in several treatment types. It has the Interferential 4-Pole, Interferential 2-Pole, Russian, EMS and TENS formats. All these therapy options have their own modulation options available, providing a very large palette of options of Electrotherapy. With this device you will be able to provide Muscular stimulation, Chronic Pain Treatment, and Muscular Rehabilitation. This machine has 50 presets in total, 10 per every waveform. Plus it gives you the option of defining your own settings and save them to its memory for your own protocols. It makes it one of the most complete medical products online in Electrotherapy.

What we like about this product

The attraction of the Quattro 2.5 Clinical Electrotherapy is how complete it is. It definitely allows for a large range of possibilities for your patients. It is effective on all its options and is capable of great power for a more deep rehabilitation and relief. The 2.5 model includes not one, but two timers. The system, while advanced is easy to operate and it is up and running within minutes. Included with this machine are four sets of lead wires, eight sets of electrodes, eight sets of rubber electrodes with sponges, eight straps, and a user manual. The Electrodes included in this machine are premium and perform perfectly, but, as you might already know, with constant use all electrodes are eventually to be replaced. We recommend that you get some extra electrodes as spares, plus some electrode skin prep lotion or gel, to further maximize the life span of the electrodes you use, you can get this medical products online through DMS.

Is it worth a purchase?

Bottom line of this device is that it is just what you will want to have as a single Clinical device. It provides several options to help treat your patients meticulously; it is a great addition to your practice. If you wish to be able to really get into the multiple possibilities of Electrotherapy, the Quattro 2.5 Clinical Electrotherapy unit is right for you. We definitely suggest that you make the investment and get this item and add it to your practice. You can find this and many other medical products online right here at Discount Medical Supplies.

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