WWJD: Lifestrength Pure Series Ion Wellness Wristbands

Wellness wristbands

The Lifestrength Pure Series Ion Wellness Wristbands use electrically-charged atoms known as ions to improve circulation and increase oxygen absorption. More specifically, this wristband uses a type of ion called anion. All that you have to do is wear this product around your wrist so that your skin effortlessly absorbs anions – which is an imperceptible process. You will soon however start noticing improvements in your wellbeing both during your waking and sleeping hours. Better circulation means an increase brain oxygen supply. As a result, not only will you feel less fatigued during exercise, but you will sleep better at night, and an overall higher physical and mental performance.


  • Waterproof Silicone Construction.
  • Infused With 7 Minerals and Gemstones.
  • Reversible with Dual Color.
  • Anti-Wear Lettering.
  • Ion Health Technology.
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Width: 1/8" (4 mm).
  • Height: 3/4" (14 mm)


The Lifestrength Pure Series Ion Wellness Bracelets have been designed to improve endurance, reduce emotional stress, sleep better, boost the immune system, and help make you feel better and healthier in general. Additionally, they offset noxious free radicals by surrendering their extra electron to the high-energy free radical, thus stabilizing it and keeping it from harming the cells. Moreover, they help the body absorb more oxygen, especially to the brain and muscles. Finally, they maximize the levels of serotonin, a mood chemical that can help relieve stress, increase stamina, and cause some relief of pain.


Some users may be under the impression that the effects of this product take place all at once as soon as they don the bracelet; the fact that this isn’t the case may disappointment. These people may as well leave the wristband on, though; they may even forget that they are wearing. The fact that they don’t feel anything, however, doesn’t mean the product is not working. Sooner than they think they will experience the benefits of the Lifestrength Wellness wristband.


We suggest that you wear this product as it best suits you. If you want to wear it all time, just go ahead; you can even wear it in the shower or in a pool and it will not detract an iota from its effects. On the other hand, you can wear it during certain specific activities, or whenever you think you will need it most. Just remember hand wash and air dry as opposed to putting the wristband in the washing machine or drier.


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