Adding Nutritional/Stress testing to your Practice

Our webinar on “Adding Nutritional and Stress Testing to your Practice” with the BioScanMSA (Meridian Stress Assessment) and the BioScanSRT software by International Health Technologies (IHT) took place on February 10th and delivered valuable information on how these devices will help you optimize patient results in your practice.  Dr. Jon Segal provided a clear and detailed explanation on what both of these innovative products have to offer and how they can be implemented.  If you were not able to make it to our BioScanMSA and BioScanSRT Software webinar, feel free to watch the video below to get fully informed on how practitioners can apply these testing tools to their practice and how beneficial it will be for their patients. 


With the Meridian Stress Assessment Testing Device (BioScanMSA), practitioners are able to identify stressors affecting the body aiding in achieving a comprehensive nutritional strategy along with the rest of the practitioners examination. This FDA registered product will analyze bio-impedance levels at the body’s AcuPoints resulting in a determination of which systems are weak or stressed and which parts of the body require support.  In the webinar you will hear Dr. Jon will explaining exactly how the BioScanMSA device works, making it easy to understand why it is not only highly effective and accurate but at the same time safe and non-invasive for the patient.

The other device presented in “Adding Nutritional and Stress Testing to your Practice” webinar is the BioScanSRT.  Although it works on the same software (Vantage Software) as the BioScanMSA, this device is a more focused on stress reduction for the patient, reason why we call this system Stress Reduction for a Healthier World.  Stress can affect us in many ways triggering disorders, medical conditions, and emotional instability and others.  With the BioScan SRT practitioners will be able to identify the stressors on the body, as well as aid them in an overall health plan to balance the body’s response towards those stressors.  Based on energetic resonance principles, this device, like the BioScanMSA is also completely safe and non-invasive.

Please watch our webinar and see for yourself why we are recommending both of these technologies to all practitioners. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.