TheTENS Ultima 20 Review: A TENS Device to consider

Measuring up to other popular TENS device like the TENS 3000, the TENS Ultima 20 might be regarded as an outsider. We here wanted to put it to the test, and see for ourselves if this unit has what it takes to be regarded as a contender and a good alternative for our customers. We examined and submit our review of the TENS Ultima 20 for you.

The TENS Ultima 20 is a transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS device) that is pocket sized, fully portable and very advanced. For those not familiar with TENS therapy, it basically means the use of small electric impulses on the area affected by pain. It sends information to your brain via your nerve system blocking pain signals, making your brain stop processing pain and therefore relieving and soothing you. It is non-invasive and drug-free, making it a growing method of pain management therapy in the medical community.

It is a dual channel TENS device, meaning that it is capable of providing impulses in separate areas via two sets of wires. The main feature of the Ultima 20 is the modes, 8 manual modes and 12 preset modes to choose from. The different modes of operation, they all are designed to treat pain allowing for this unit to accommodate what you are looking for and fully adapt to the patients needs. All the modes are fully adjustable to even make it fully versatile. It also includes a pair of lead wires, one pack of electrodes, one 9v battery and a carrying case.

One of the little known facts about the TENS Ultima 20 is its power. In comparison with the most popular units in the market it is more powerful than most of them at an impressive 130 mA. Power definitely makes or breaks the performance of the unit, however the electrodes really also play a part on the performance of the unit (more on that later). For all the power and consistency this unit has, it is important to point out that the electrodes that come with the device are “economic” at best. Meaning that they will work to get you started but they lack the performance of silver electrodes. It is not, however, a big issue, since electrodes are deemed to be replaced after all, the best way to deal with this is just getting an extra pack once you place your order.

It is really a great alternative unit for the most popular ones, the power will amaze you, if you are an experience Electrotherapy user. If you are new to this type of therapy, you might would like to start on a more simpler TENS device, but regardless this is a very reliable machine.

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