Twist and Shout: Twisted Pleasure Lubricated Condom

The Trojan™ Stimulations Twisted Pleasure Lubricated Condom has been designed to maximize pleasure and enjoyment for both parties involved in the sexual act, while at the same time decrease the risk of pregnancy and the transmission of STD’s. This condom comes with a special ‘twist’ at the closed end to help in the stimulation of the most sensitive areas of both men and women. This is without a doubt the most thrilling, exciting, and satisfactory twist ending involving genitalia since the ending of the original Sleepaway Camp.


·         Lubricated for additional comfort and sensitivity.

·         Manufactured with high quality latex to decrease risk.

·         Special reservoir end for improved safety.

·         Designed for mutual enjoyment.

·         Triple-tested electronically for more reliability.

·         One-of-a-kind, trademarked shaped designed for mutual pleasure.

·         Pack of 12.


Amazon reviewers say of this condom that “it fits like a dream, feels fantastic, and makes me want to slide on another one right after finishing! We have gone through three boxes already and have no desire to switch to another brand. There are really no words to describe just how comfortable these condoms feel;” “I'm very impressed with the level of sensation that one gets from these coming from a male perspective. The shape is such that the bottom is tighter than the top part. The lube that comes on it is very slick and lasts a long while. The looser top of this condom allows for ejaculation in comfort without feeling like you have plastic wrap over the top of your penis;” and “my girlfriend says that she can feel the twisting thing a little bit and that is nice.”


On the other hand, some complain that “the latex odor is very strong and the head on the condom is much smaller. It is sadly now just another condom,” and that “these were super loose and felt like they were going to slip off. I also didn't notice any differences in the "twisted" part compared to a regular condom.”


Read and follow the instruction on the package for best results. When used correctly, condoms are highly preventative of pregnancy and help decrease the risk of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections. However, no condom is 100% pregnancy- or STD-proof. Put on a new condom every time you are going to engage in intercourse. For vaginal sex only.