Webinar Benefits


Webinars have turned into one of the most ideal tools to inform, teach, and market information.  As a practitioner, consultant or just someone that wants to get information out to the public, Discount Medical Supplies will host your webinar and give you great opportunities along with it.  Having real time, interactive conferences will allow you to be in the same virtual room with your attendees and get your information out to a diverse public worldwide!

Register your webinar today and take advantage of the following:

  • 1 hour time slots
  • An authority website audience.  We are the fastest growing medical supply company in the Unites States and have been highly ranked on Alexa.  Through our SEO and Marketing strategies, we drive thousands of unique visitors to our website on a daily basis.
  • Our strategic partnership with Dynamic Chiro, PT-in Motion, Visual Odyssey, Target Coding, Caregiver.com and many more.
  • Your webinar will be recorded on-site, optimized and shared on our main Social Media outlets such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus, within 24 hours.
  • Our massive pay per click campaign that drives in visitors to our website allowing more visibility to your webinar
  • Quarterly catalogs sent to all practitioners
  • Specific emails to promote your webinar along with doctor weekly marketing emails sent to over 500,000 practitioners.