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In this very special week at Discount Medical Supplies, we are offering a new special deal on all Fitness Supplies on our online store.  It is now time to get in shape! We are offering a 10% off on every fitness item in our extensive catalogue with the use of the coupon code “FITNESS” in all orders above $75. This coupon code is available for all our customers starting July 28th.

With Summer in full force it is time to take matters into your own hands and take that first step to a healthier life and awesome new body. You will feel great and you will look fantastic. Amongst our catalogue we have an whole variety of options to get you started on the path to wellness.  Discount Medical Supplies has anything you might requires to get you on the right path.

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It is never too late to start trying to get in shape and this offer applies to seasoned athletes to the average person who is now starting to take on exercises and fitness. People from all ages can benefit greatly from an active and happy life.

To get this special discount, what you need to do is on any of your orders that include at least one item of fitness supply then enter the coupon code “FITNESS” at checkout and you will get a 10% on all your fitness supplies on all orders above $75. This special summer offer can be your for only a limited time as this promotion begins on July 28th and expires on Sunday August 3rd. If you are looking to purchase Fitness Supplies in bulk, this is your chance on getting a very good price, courtesy from all of us here at Discount Medical Supplies.