Special sale on all supplement and nutrition products!

Supplements and nutrition

We here are Discount Medical Supplies are very happy to announce that starting today we have a very special deal available for all our customers on ALL supplement and nutrition products. If you place an order for over $75 and you enter the special coupon code “NUTRITION” you will be receiving a special 5% discount on all the nutrition and/or supplement products included in your order. 

As you might already know, Discount Medical supplies is an online retailer that thrives to be “patient centric”, as we are dedicated in bringing our customers the best quality products and supplies for the lowest price possible. We offer in our catalogue a very extensive list of products aimed to assist in your nutrition needs. From natural alternatives, to retail supplements, to food thickeners, to feeding bags and pump sets. We also carry weight management supplies, digestive health aids or living nutrients; we have a wide variety of different products at your disposal to choose from. All these products are top of the line and available at the lowest prices. However, as a gesture of appreciation to our customers we are offering this special discount so you can take advantage of it a restock on your nutrition supplies.

In order to get this special deal all you have to do is place an order that includes any of the Supplement and Nutrition Products from our catalogue, this order has to be over $75. During the checkout process enter the special coupon code “NUTRITION” in the selected field, and that will award you a 5% on all your Supplement and Nutrition products. This order is for a limited time only, so you better hurry and place your order now. It starts on Monday July 14th and expires on Sunday July 20th.