Attention All Practitioners! Special Sale on Stethoscopes!

Stethoscopes and accessories

Starting this week, Discount Medical Supplies is offering an exclusive, very special deal for all practitioners shopping with us. For a limited time only we are offering a 10% off sale for all stethoscopes in our online store. It doesn’t matter the type or model, this great new special, applies to all the stethoscopes in our catalogue. To get this deal all you have to do is enter the special order code “STETHOSCOPE” at checkout and, if the total of your order is $100, you will be awarded 10% off on the pricing of all the stethoscopes included on your order.

In our extensive catalogue, you will find that Discount Medical Supplies has all the necessary supplies and accessories for all your stethoscopes needs. We understand that a stethoscope is a very valuable and helpful tool for all practitioners and in order to satisfy and comply with the needs of our customers, we have devised this new very special deal. As you will be able to see, we carry all sorts of stethoscopes for all different functions and applications, ranging for all different prices. We kindly invite you to browse our selection and compare prices to find the best stethoscope for your needs.

To get this special discount all you have to do is place an order that at least has one stethoscope and the total price is over $100. During the checkout process, you will be asked to enter a discount code, in this field you will enter the code “STETHOSCOPE”, and automatically this will award you 10% off on all the stethoscopes included in your order. This special offer is for a limited time only, as it starts on Monday July 14th and expires on July 20th, so make sure that you place your order today.