The best Black Friday Medical Supply Promotions

The finest promotions for healthcare practitioners this Black Friday are right here on Discount Medical Supplies.  Our prices are low all year long, but these special, limited time offers will succeed in giving you something to truly be thankful for.  Save up to 78% on TENS units, ultrasound devices, commode liner boxes, cervical traction collars, and back braces. Do not miss on the opportunity to save big while at the same time keeping your patients happy with top quality medical supplies to go along with what we’re sure is your professional attitude and impeccable service. This is without a doubt a win/win situation for your practice.
TENS units are perfect for chiropractors’ offices, physical therapists, massage therapy, and sports medicine, just to name a few examples. Save up to 59% on the TENS 3000, a device with three modes and a timer, up to 31% on the TENS 7000, a dual channel, 5-mode digital unit; and up to 29% on the TENS 7000 To Go, an innovative treatment for lower back pain that substitutes a conductive electrode belt for the familiar electrode pads. This product is the evolution of the TENS 7000 and it can be yours at an extra special price.

Ultrasound is, as you may know, a patient-friendly method of providing smooth rehabilitation and pain relief. And if by any chance you don’t know it yet, this is the perfect chance for you to incorporate this technology into your traditional approach. The Ultrasound US 1000 3rd Edition can cost you up to 44% cheaper if you take advantage of our Discount Medical Supplies Black Friday promos. Likewise, you could end up paying up to 37% less for the US Pro Professional Series ultrasound machine. We guarantee both you and your clients will fall in love with sonic stimulation. 
More products with amazing discounts include the CareBag Commode Liner Box of 20 absorbent bags, the Pneu Neck II Portable Cervical Traction collar, and the L0627 LSO Back Brace by Clinical Health Services. Patients with back or neck pain will be grateful to you, and not just on Thanksgiving, for giving them access to the healthcare products they need at prices they can afford, because you as a practitioner made the most of our offers. However, these incredible promotions won’t last for long, so how about you get yourself and your customers an early Christmas gift and order these supplies right now?  

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