A Big Incontinence Sale in DMS!

inconDiscount Medical Supplies is holding a very special sale for the of August 10th to the 16th, for this week all our registered customers will have access to our entire Incontinence product category at a discounted price! If you place an order in our online store of any of the incontinence section we will give you a 10% discount on your entire order, no minimum required. It is a fantastic opportunity that you can’t let pass you by.

When dealing with a situation such as incontinence, regardless of the severity of the issue, demands for the patient and their caregivers to take the necessary precautions to meet the special needs caused by this condition. In order to fully be able to lead a normal life, you must be prepared with the right kind of supplies. Discount Medical Supplies has a vast list of high quality items and supplies that can help you achieve a normal life.

In order to get this special deal all that you need to do is place an order of our Incontinence products. There is no minimum amount of the order that you must place in order for this discount to be applied! This is the best opportunity to get all the supplies that you need at the absolute lowest price possible. But please keep in mind that this promotion is for a limited time only as it will expire on Sunday August 16th.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                         

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