Black Friday Sale For Discount Medical Supplies!

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We know you were waiting for it! Black Friday is here, and Discount Medical Supplies is very happy to announce our great discount for this special time of the year. This year avoid the hassle of getting extra early, the rowdy crowds and the long lines at checkout. This year make your purchases in the commodity of your own home. This Friday we will be offering a 25% discount on all orders over $100 in all the items in our catalogue. *

Continuing our efforts of being your preferred retailer of Medical Supplies, we have released this discount that will guarantee you that our prices are going from low to lowest.   You will be able to save up on this storewide sale on any of the products that we are offering currently. This is the opportunity you have bee waiting for! Get all the medical supplies that you are looking for. This offer will let you have access and get supplies in bulk with some unbeatable prices. Go ahead and look around our massive catalogue and fill your cart with anything that you need.

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This special offer is exclusive for all our customers and it will be valid just for the duration of this Black Friday! Just go ahead and place an order for over $100 and automatically our system will award you with a 25% discount. It is that simple! It is time to take advantage of the offers Black Friday brings minus the annoyance of having to deal with long lines, crowds and traffic. Make your shopping right from the comfort of your home!

*offer does not include products that weigh over 10lbs.for free shipping

**Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                         

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