Buy in Bulk, Save in Bulk with Discount Medical Supplies!

promo septemWith Discount Medical Supplies prices, our customers know that they are getting the best deals on the web on they items that they are looking for. But with our brand new weeklong promotion, we are seeking to provide you with a fantastic opportunity to get all the supplies that you need, in bulk quantities, at the lowest possible prices. Starting on Monday September 21st we are having a special sale of selected bulk items and categories, with a 10% discount off your entire order!

Included in this great promotion you will be able to get Catheter and Urology Supplies, Adult Briefs, Undergarments & Protective Underwear, Adult Pads, Guards & Pant Liners and Wound Care products. The items that you are in constant need you will be able to buy in already low bulk prices, but with this promotion you will get them at the lowest prices on the web!.

To take advantage of this promotion all that you need to do is very simple. First make sure that you have been registered with Discount Medical Supplies (if you haven’t already). Place an order through our online store that includes any of these items. Make sure the order includes any of the items for the above listed. There are no minimum requirements per order of this promotion; we will give you a 10% discount. But you must place this order now as it will expire on Sunday September 27th.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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