Caregiver’s Special Weekend Sale!

caregiver special

This weekend Discount Medical Supplies is joining the celebration for National Family Caregivers Month, and to celebrate caregivers in the best way we can we are offering the lowest prices in medical supplies in the market. This weekend, however, we are going even lower for all caregiver must have’s. We are hosting a special sale for all those special items that are vital whenever you are caregiving. For this weekend only we are offering a 10% discount on all Exam gloves, First Aid Kits, Daily living aids and so on. One great deal for just this weekend!

We all know the courageous and wonderful work that caregivers perform regularly for all of us, it might be a friend, loved one or a hired help, but they are all valiant people who take on one of the most noble acts. They care for our loved ones and us. That is why during National Family Caregivers Month we wanted to extend and voice our gratitude to all caregivers all across the land. Your hard work and dedication is a endless fountain of inspiration and admiration to all of us. That is why as a sign of appreciation; we at Discount Medical Supplies are constantly offering promotions and discounts like this.

Check out our Promotion for the National Family Caregivers Month by clicking below 

In order to get this deal there is nothing extra or different that you need to do. Place an order in our online store for any of these items during this weekend, and we will automatically award you with a 10% discount. No requirements, no minimum order amount, no special coupon code to enter, we will award you this discount just by placing your order. However, please be advised that this offer is available to you only through this weekend, expiring on Sunday November 23rd.

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion                                        

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