Cold weather and the impact on Bones and Joints

Cold weather has a direct impact on your body especially if you are suffering from chronic pain on your bones and joints.  No matter how hard we try to cover up and get warm, sometimes it is just not enough and the pain gets the best of us.  To support you and provide solutions for this time of the year, we are placing our Orthopedic Category on special for this week. This week when you order from this category you will get a 10% off just by using coupon code "cold" at the checkout process.

The orthopedic category at Discount Medical Supplies is one of the biggest ones in our catalog. You will be able to find solutions for:

Ankle and Foot

Arm and Elbow

Back and Abdominal


Hand and Finger

Heel Pain and Planter Fasciitis

Maternity Support


Orthopedic Accessories

Orthopedic Foot Massage


Insoles and Inserts

Tapes and Bandages


Thigh and Calf supports



Although using orthopedic supplies may not take away the pain for good, during cold weather the support they provide can help you considerably. You will be able to feel better and good enough to go about your day while the cold weather passes.


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