Cyber Monday: 20% off your Discount Medical Supplies Order

Cyber Monday is to online shoppers what Good Friday is to Christians, especially with our Discount Medical Supplies 20% discount coupon code. Coming to think of it Cyber Monday is even more meaningful. After all, every Friday is a good Friday – and the best of the bunch is Black Friday, which may or may not lead some people to mix up their holidays and believe that Jesus died not for our sins but so we could buy flat screen TVs at a fraction of the usual price. But Monday has historically had a raw deal. Everybody hates Mondays; Garfield, Sir Bob Geldof, Avril Lavigne, The Bangles. Even The Cure’s Robert Smith doesn’t care if Monday’s black. Well, you should care Bobby-boy, because Cyber Monday is the hangover of Black Friday’s binge, and the only cure for a hangover is a hair of the dog that bit ya.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the herald angels that sing the coming of the holiday shopping season. “Hail the heavenly Prince of Discounts! Hail the Sun of Savings!” Therefore, the frenzy of Black Friday weekend is returning to Discount Medical Supplies. All the way from Black Friday up to the last minute of Cyber Monday, we are slicing 20% off every time shop medical supplies online from our online store within that time frame. There is no minimum purchase. Our entire stock is up for grabs. All that you have to do is use the coupon code B-Friday when you order medical supply online – which, as already mentioned, also applies to Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

We like to take every chance we have to provide the best available deals to our registered loyal customer base. And this weekend is no exception. Lower-than-usual prices at DMS are a November tradition just like football, Survivor Series, and Thanksgiving itself. Discount Medical Supplies has one of the most complete and stocked inventories of the best and highest quality medical supplies in the web. We offer all sorts of home care medical supplies as well as hospital equipment supplies – ranging from pediatric to elderly and anything in between. This Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend we are going an extra 20% lower, so there is not only no excuse for not buying medical supplies online at DMS but just one more reason to go ahead and do so.

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