An Exam Glove Parade In Discount Medical Supplies!

An-Exam-GloveDoctors, Practitioners and Physicians, we bring some great news for you. Discount Medical Supplies is rolling out a very unique sale for all the Exam Gloves that you might need. This is a great opportunity to stock up in this very important supply for your medical practice or clinic. Starting this Monday May 18th, all order for Exam Gloves over $150 will have a 15% discount on your order!

Every Doctor, Nurse or Physician needs on a daily basis to use Exam Gloves, they are an integral part of their labors and daily tasks. Given that they are disposable is common that they tend to run out rather quickly. That is why we as physicians ourselves, understand the importance to always have at hand the essential supplies so that the best treatment and care can be provided to all patients. Therefore, we seek to always find the best way to keep helping our customers get the proper supplies in stock all the time.

To get this promotion all that needs to be done is simple. Place an order for exam gloves that is over $150 and you will be getting a 15% discount. From sterile to non-sterile gloves, we have it all. Make sure that you place your order before Sunday May 24th.

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