Father’s Day Special! Take advantage of our 10% OFF

Fathers day special

We here at Discount Medical Supplies are happy to announce this week’s very special promotion for our customers. This one is rather unique as we are aiming this special to all fathers everywhere. In order to celebrate this upcoming Father’s day. To mark this special holiday we are offering a 10% off on all orders over $250.

In a way to show our appreciation for the hard work, love and sacrifice everywhere by all fathers across the land, we extend a gesture of gratitude for those who are dedicated to their children and their families. Fathers come in all different forms, shapes and sizes and for all of them who visit DMS, we want to give something back to the as they deserve. The true value of a father on a child’s life can be wonderful and for those unsung superheroes, role models and providers, we kindly present this special coupon code as our way to say thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

In order to take advantage of this special deal, when you are placing your order, at checkout enter the very special coupon code “FATHERS”, on all order over $250. That will give you a 10% special discount on your order. And that’s it, is that simple. Also, if you place this order, by company policy you might also get free shipping* on your order (check our shipping policies here).

Let’s celebrate together the labor of love that is fatherhood. For fathers of all ages and backgrounds, our most sincere warm feelings of gratitude and appreciation. Remember, at check out enter the order code “FATHERS” for your special promotion, but hurry up, because this order is for a limited time only, as the promotion expires on Sunday June 15th!

Have a happy Father’s day on behalf of all of us here at Discount Medical Supplies.