A Fathers’ Day Sale in Discount Medical Supplies!

Fathers Day DoctorsAs we go into Father’s Day week, Discount Medical Supplies wants to help you celebrate such a special holiday with a brand new weeklong sale that is aimed for all our registered doctors, practitioners and physicians. Starting this Monday June 15th, we will have a 15% discount on all orders that are over $250, that is for the WHOLE order, regardless of the item that you purchase. We want to make this week one to celebrate and express gratitude to those who have taken on the loving task of being a father.

With this promotion what we want to give our customers is the opportunity to get the discount medical supplies that they need and want, at the lowest possible price in the market, and what better occasion than Fathers’ Day? This holiday we join ourselves to a deep sense of appreciation to all those different “fathers” who have earned to be called that way, regardless of the circumstances. As sons and daughters ourselves we want to say: Thank you!

This promotion will be valid from June 15th until June 21st, and it couldn’t be any easier to get. Just place an order for over $250 for any item in our online store and you will be automatically eligible for that 15% discount on your order. It is that simple!

*Cannot be combined with any other Coupon Codes or Promotion

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