Hot And Cold Therapy Special Sale!

hot and cold therapy
We here at Discount Medical Supplies are very happy to announce this week’s very special sale offer, exclusive for all our practitioners. Starting July 21st and all throughout the week al Hot and Cold therapy items. During this week all our hot and Cold Therapy  will have a 10% discount with the use of the special coupon code “HOT”, for a minimum order of $200.

Hot and Cold Therapy are revolutionary, “alternative” methods of dealing with pain management. By applying warm or cold temperatures on areas afflicted with pain, discomfort and pain can be mitigated and stopped. Amongst products the employ this specific type of therapy are from Warm & Cold Compressors, to heat lotions such as Thermoderm Lotion, to more advanced and larger devices such as Hydrocollator units. We kindly invite you to browse our calatogue of Hot & Cold therapy items so you can see for yourself that we carry a large selection to chose from. Take adavantage of this very special deal and you will allow your practice have the advantages of this type of therapy.

The main key advantages of Hot and Cold Therapy is definitely that is a drug-free, natural and non-invasive way to treat pain management. By the use of temperature to help patients mitigate pain, you will be avoiding the use of potentially hazardous drugs.

In order to take advantage of this very special deal what you will need to do is enter the special code “HOT” whenever you are ready to place your order. This will automatically award you a 10% on all the Hot & Cold products that you include in your cart when checking out. The order you place must be at least $200 to get this promotion and it is for a limited time only. This offer starts July 21st and it will expire on July 27th.