Incontinence Products special sale! 10% Off!

Incontinence products

This week we have a new very special offer for all incontinence products on Discount Medical Supplies. We will award your order with a 10% off in a minimum order of $50 if you enter the offer code “INCON” at checkout. This offer promo applies to all incontinence products in our catalogue.

Incontinence is a condition that affects hundreds of thousands of people daily, caused by many different possible conditions. Those who suffer from it are in constant need of tending to themselves. In many cases they are in need of being tend to by caregivers and/or loved ones. The use of incontinence products is a daily requirement in some cases and it is always advisable to keep them at hand in any eventuality. Better be safe than sorry.  We hare at Discount Medical Supplies are very aware that our customers who purchase these items are in constant need of purchasing them in larger volumes. That is why we were compelled of creating this new promotion to fulfill your needs.

So in order to get this very special deal, when you are placing your order with Discount Medical Supplies, if your order is above $50, at checkout enter the special order code “INCON” an every incontinence product in your order will received a special 10% off on your purchase. This very special offer is for a limited time only, so go ahead and act now. The promotion is valid from today July 7th and it will expire on Sunday July 13th.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from incontinence you can’t miss this great opportunity to stock up on Incontinence products. This offer will allow you to get all the incontinence supplies that you might need at an unbeatable price!